How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week – It’s Crunch Time!



One week. Your big day is in one week! All that excitement, planning, and stress, and you can finally see the end of the road. Congrats to you for everything you’ve done to get to this point! You may be a ball of nerves or completely calm and relaxed. Either way, now is not the time to slack off. Now is the time to push yourself, to get rid of those last few pounds, to work for that last muscle definition, and to eat clean. Now, it’s crunch time – read on to learn how to lose weight fast in a week.


Be Fluid Water

Rule #1 is to drink lots of water. This is not only important to lose weight fast in a week, but also to maintain your health in general. The human body consists of about 60% water, and while food also provides your body with liquid, it’s just not enough. Every day we lose water in our bodies through sweating, respiration, urination, general evaporation through our skin, and crying because the caterer just charged an extra $200 for that last minute RSVP. Ok, maybe not that last one, but the point is that we have to replace all of that lost water by hydrating ourselves. Try carrying a reusable water bottle with you everywhere. Make a point to refill it multiple times to make this a habit.

Consider incorporating juicing into your daily routine. I use fresh fruit and vegetable juice as a meal replacement in the morning. That’s my breakfast, and it has been a huge contributing factor in helping me control my cravings throughout the day. Buying a juicer is an investment, but today there is such a huge price range that they are affordable for most people. If juicing fruits and vegetables yourself isn’t your thing, there are so many companies that offer fresh juices daily. Check out delivery services or your local grocery store or market. Remember, the more veggies you pack in there, the better. Find out why in the next section.


No CarbsSay Bye-Bye to Carbs

We’ve all heard this before. There are so many low carbohydrate diets out there it’s hard to know where to start. But, what exactly is a carb? Our diets our made up of 3 macronutrients: fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Carbs are the starchy, fibrous, and sweet foods we eat and are high in calories. Rice and bread? Carbs. Soda? Carb. Fruit? Surprisingly, yes! As a general rule, the sweeter the fruit, the more carbs it contains.

While complete carbohydrate elimination from your diet is not realistic, reducing them as much as possible will have faster weight loss results. Do not eat (or drink) any junk food, and replace your diet with more lean protein and healthy fats. Also, fill up on green leafy vegetables and soup broth during meals to help you feel satiated.



Say Hello to Intermittent Fasting Clock

One of the best ways to lose weight fast in a week is intermittent fasting. No, I don’t mean starving yourself. It is important to pay attention not just what you’re eating, but when you’re eating.

Intermittent fasting is your pattern of eating and not eating during a day. The most common intermittent fasting is the 16-8 cycle. This mean 16 hours of the day you are in a fasted state and 8 hours a day is your eating window. Fasted is a completely natural state for human bodies. During our hunter and gatherer days, there were long periods of fasting while foraging for and hunting food. Even when we examine recent history, eating all day long is a fairly new concept as food has become more readily available. Fasting allows our bodies to reduce blood sugar and insulin. Fasting also increases the human growth hormone, which aids in weight loss.

Just changing your eating hours to, for example, 10 am to 6 pm will significantly assist in your weight loss quickly. Choose a time window that works best for your schedule for the best success rate. If you are still hungry outside of these hours, drink lots of water, sugar free liquids,  and plain clear soup broth.


Jump RopeGet on the HIIT List

H-I-I-T. High Intensity Interval Training. Get ready to pump up your workout routine! HIIT is short burst of very intense exercise followed by a short recovery period. The benefit to a HIIT workout is that you burn more calories is a shorter amount of time. It also helps to condition your heart and increase your overall metabolism.

Tabata training is one of the easiest to follow and most effective HIIT workouts. Tabata training is a 4 minute workout cycle of 20 seconds of high intensity cardio and 10 seconds of rest. Some examples of exercise for a Tabata at-home workout are:

  • Burpees
  • Squat Jumps
  • Push-Ups
  • High Knees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sprinting in Place
  • Jump Rope
  • Power Jumping Jacks
  • Lunges

Any exercise you can think of that will get your heart pumping will work. The important thing is to work as hard as you possibly can during those 20 second intervals. Also, mix up the exercises and play your favorite high tempo music to keep it interesting. Here is a Tabata training workout that I would typically do:

00:20 – Power Jumping Jacks

00:10- Rest

Repeat 2 Times

00:20 – Mountain Climbers

00:10- Rest

Repeat 2 Times

00:20 – Push-Ups

00:10- Rest

Repeat 2 Times

00:20 – Burpees

00:10- Rest

Repeat 2 Times

Your first round of the 4 minute Tabata HIIT workout is done!

I like to do at least 4 rounds of Tabata with a 1 minute rest in between each round. That’s a workout that can be done anywhere in just 20 minutes total, and there’s no gym membership needed! Don’t forget to include weight training and resistance training to your regular workouts. And stretch before and after your workouts to prevent injuries.



The Time is Now! Now

Well, there you have it! Follow these 4 steps to lose weight fast in a week. Remember to stay drink lots of water and try juicing, limit your carbohydrates, try intermittent fasting, and do high intensity interval training workouts. This may be the last health and fitness push before your wedding, but these are tips that can be incorporated into your daily life.


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” – Sean Patrick Flanery


And never forget that you are beautiful, you are worthy, and you deserve this.




2 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week – It’s Crunch Time!

  1. I have a friend who has been trying to lose weight to no avail. I will for sure forward her this. The intermittent is really interesting and never heard of that before. I like the exercise schedule. I find the only way to follow through on something is when I write it down.

    1. Hi Kasey,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m the exact same, I have to write everything down. I hope you and your friend can try some of these things. Intermittent fasting is amazing and really helps the pounds melt off.

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